streetlight puddle night (2010) for glockenspiel
shimmer go slowly (2012) for glockenspiel and live electronics
magic smoke (2012) for laptop, smartphone, inductive telephone pickup, and live processing
shoebox memories (2014/rev. 2015) for kalimba and live electronics
socketMusic: wireless (2015) for snare drum, hi-hat, and mobile devices
talus bear (2017) for electric guitar
product emotions and personality assessment (2017) for live processed electric guitar and voice

silky anteaters (2010) for piano, electric guitar, vibraphone, violin, double bass, drumset, and percussion
violetblue clouds forever (2010) for flute, vibraphone, and glockenspiel

fiahwrkz (2012) for 2-channel fixed media
putchar (2015) | a series of short algorithmic compositions for 2-channel fixed media
airportmusic (2016) | sonification of hong kong airport arrivals and departures, eno-style

lucas-1%14_0116 (2016) | melodies based on lucas numbers
dxk-sc140 (2017) | ongoing series of SuperCollider tweet-sized miniatures
deep dark everblue (2017) | live improvisatory, slowburning, ambient Pure data patch
mirror creatures (2018) | drone-centric improvisatory composition realized in Pure Data
pinblue 52 (2018) | ambient, electronic composition in 15-EDO inspired by recordings of possible whales realized in Pure Data
starsilt sky (2019) | supercollider-generated track derived from a single dulcimer busker sample

initial improvisation #1 (2017) for one or more melodic improvisers
John Cage - Fontana Mix for found percussion and live electronics
John Cage - Variations II for percussion and fixed media
Earle Brown - December 1952 for found percussion and historical radio broadcasts
Liza Lim/Derek Kwan - Love Letter/Fuckbird for frame drum and live electronics after text from James Joyce
Karlheinz Stockhausen - Solo Nr. 19 for vibraphone and automated delay lines
audio/video collaborations with Tavarus Blackmon (video) including hot sacred, candy cut, and afro presentis (2018)
The Importance of Open Source in Education
Cloning Max/MSP Objects: a Proposal for the Upgrade of Cyclone with Alexandre Torres Porres and Matthew Barber
Pd-extended to Pd Migration Tutorial - a tutorial for how to switch from Pd-extended to Pd, in particular how to load libraries
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