shoebox memories

shoebox memories draws inspiration from those Justin Bieber 800% slower videos floating around the Internet where no matter what the original input sounds like, the slowed output sounds like a beautiful, ethereal soundscape. Using onset detection to trigger constantly-recorded input played back granularly 100x slower without change in pitch in SuperCollider, scratches on the contact-mic-equipped kalimba turn into earthquake-like ruptures while kalimba plucks turn into hazy clouds of memory. Conceptually, shoebox memories is representative of my ongoing project of creating improvisational electronic soundscapes. Combinging my lifelong loves of improvisation and electronically-created timbres, I follow a general roadmap of what processes should be triggered on the computer and what textures should be created with their general time proportions and sonic densities, but the finer details such as the actual notes and section lengths I leave up to the moment. The title of the piece is drawn both from the fact that I keep my kalimba in a shoebo and the fact that I keep small items of sentimental value in a shoebox.