John Cage - Variations II

In approaching this project, I wanted to create a soundscape where clouds of sounds of definable category (water sounds, glockenspiel notes, etc.) would have variable densities throughout a substantial period of time. These accumulations and thinning outs would be dictated by chance, akin to the formation of constellations in the night sky despite the constitutent stars' actual distances. With the help of Variations 10b, a software tool (not developed by me) designed to make realizations of Variations II, I made over 12 realizations. Through processes of chance, I determined their duration within a 14 minute or so time bracket, whether the realization would be electronic or acoustic, and what category of sounds each would represent. The result is not just one realization of Variations II, but a superimposition of multiple realizations, creating a sonic mosaic. The electronic realizations were realized in Ableton Live, while the acoustic realizatins were realized with traditional and found percussion instruments.