deep dark everblue

This is about places that are beautiful but you might want to think twice about visiting. Also, writing this put scenes from Hayao Miyazaki films in mind where the strange, mythical creatures pop up in groups and meet our main characters. I'm not sure if those two ideas are related.

This is a recording of an improvisatory patch on 3/03/2017 using a new list abstraction library I've been developing in Pure Data for sequencing and processing lists. I've preprogrammed all the sequences in, but they're chosen from randomly, shuffled, rotated, and mangled in all sorts of ways in real time. Also, I control all of the timings and manipulations of parameters. Thus, this is a patch meant to be performed live and will sound different every time it is played.

All sounds are generated with Pure Data and only two samples are used (CC-0 samples of rain but with an FFT magnitude gate so it's hard to tell what it is anyways, thanks Freesound users relenzo2 and l3ardoc for the samples).