Silky Anteaters

premiered by Elevator Rose at the Glasslands Gallery (Brooklyn, NY) on 9/22/10.

Silky Anteaters grew out of a improvisation I did on the marimba setup for a piece I was working on, David Lang's Cheating, Lying, Stealing for chamber ensemble. Originally envisioned for a marimba/snare drum/kick drum setup for solo percussionist, the first draft ended up turning out incredibly difficult to perform. With the birth of Elevator Rose came the solution to my performance issues: why drive one percussionist (which would've been me) crazy when you can spread out the work between seven people and keep them remotely (hopefully) happy? Like my electronic work, Silky Anteaters is based upon classical ideas of development but reflects my diverse taste in music through hip-hop-inspired beats, grooving melodies, and driving power chords. My ensemble piece didn't have a title upon completion but I had recently come across an adorable (I think) species of creature through the Internet and figured it deserved a piece named after it.