Selected projects in code. Additional code projects can be found on my github page.

I have a member page on the main Pure Data website.
I maintain a personal, general-use external library called pdkm.
I also have a bunch of Pure Data vanilla abstractions I maintain as pdkvabs. A more didactic-oriented stompboxy-GUI abstraction library is pdkez.
I've been one of the main contributors to the v3 update of Pd's popular Max/MSP compatibility library, Cyclone.
pd-morse - a morse code transcriber written in pure data.
dxkSup - a start of a SuperCollider class library
dxkSynthDefs - assorted SuperCollider SynthDefs
cljs-amfmdemo - html5 demo of amplitude and frequency modulation using Clojurescript, Reagent, and Web Audio API
socketmusic-server - server for my socketmusic project (clojurescript compiled to node.js)
dxk-spisynths - custom synthdefs for use with Sonic Pi
CV_PyColorCtrl - OpenCV/OSC webcam color-based XY-controller
polybius_sq-gem - a Ruby gem to encode/decode string using a Polybius square.
dxk-ruby-ext - class extensions for Ruby (Arrays so far)
pad-pvidchopper - pad controlled (Akai LPD8) vid chopper built in Processing.
pjava_autostereogram - experiments with live generation of autostereograms
pviz-noise-gen - processing visual noise generator
solenoid-ino - solenoid/lcd-flash library for arduino.
Vol3Seq-ino - Arduino tone() sequencer build around the arduino-volume3 library
Eighteen - a John Cage number piece generator. (src)
cljs-js-externs - a collection of javascript externs for clojuresript compilation pains